Welcome To The Macula Foundation

The Macula Foundation is dedicated to advancing and disseminating a greater understanding and superior treatment of ophthalmic disease. Since 1978, The Macula Foundation has provided major funding for significant research in vitreous, retinal, and macular diseases.

Individual and institutional funding recipients are carefully selected by the Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Council, which is comprised of preeminent clinicians and scientists from around the world.

Results and findings from projects sponsored by The Macula Foundation have been the subjects of scores of papers published in prestigious, peer-reviewed ophthalmology journals.

Through research, publications, and educational programs at elite teaching hospitals and medical schools, The Macula Foundation continues to fulfill its mission of supporting the science and exploration of ophthalmic disease.

What is Macular Degeneration

The term “macular degeneration” refers to several diseases affecting the retina of the eye. The most common is age-related macular degeneration, which impacts people over the age of 60. In early stages, a person has difficulty seeing details. As the condition progresses, vision loss increases. While there are no cures for macular degeneration, a number of treatments can slow its progression and help patients lead full, independent lives. http://www.macula.org/encyclopedia

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