An Update on 2017 Events Within the Foundation

It gives me great pleasure to report to you that The Macula Foundation, Inc. has had another very successful year with respect to its macular research and teaching. This year its activities have included ground-breaking basic and clinical research. Our studies collectively have had the best visual outcome analysis to complement our treatment strategies and community outreach benefits in disease prevention and therapy. Consistent in all of our programs is a deep commitment for macular vision maintenance and improvement. New and creative investigations and enhanced quality of life primary objectives for visual disabilities.   

Over the past year, The Macula Foundation, Inc. has focused once again on macular disease and in particular, diabetic retinopathy, central serous chorioretinopathy, macular telangiectasia type 2 and age-related macular degeneration, both the severe dry from and the exudative or “wet” forms of the disease. Several ongoing and new studies are in progress with faculty and retinal fellows. New drugs, devices and imaging modalities are under investigation, such as drops and implants to prolong the duration and increase the effect of medication, enhanced imaging systems, continue or prioritize in development of diagnostic adjunct to detect early changes and monitor effects.   

Although the exciting area of cellular transplantation offers the prospect of replacing or rejuvenating new macular tissue from stem cells remains promising, it is still at a developmental stage. The foundation is involved with alternative programs to accomplish this goal through other forms of therapy. The foundation is hopeful that more practical and beneficial methods will become standard in our field to prevent vision loss and treatment, as well as improve vision.  

In the past year, in a recently launched program for correlation between clinical and imaging features with the true pathology as available through opportunities from post-mortem ocular specimens through the eye donor registry introduced by the foundation. 

I am reaching out to you again for your support in helping us achieve our goals in discovering new treatments and in prevention and treatment of macular diseases. Please partner with us to make a major difference in the visual disability and lives of thousands of patients with macular disease.  

Today we have a tremendous opportunity to support innovative research and studies in clinical care, research, education, as people continue to live longer and hopefully lead healthier and more productive lives. Please make a donation today by visiting Your gift matters. We cannot thank you enough.  


With gratitude for your support,  

Lawrence A. Yannuzzi, M.D.