GOAP Ceremony 2017 in Barcelona, Spain

The Fellowship Project Award is a mentored award intended to facilitate the development of research and clinical expertise in the field of retinal ophthalmology. Letters of Intent and Full Proposals are reviewed by the Grants Review and Awards Committee ( GRAC ) which comprises 12 members, representing many of the leaders experts from clinical and academic medicine from around the world.

This year, there was an overwhelming response to awards programme from Bayer. There were 108 applications: 44 from Americas, 23 from Europe, and 41 from Asia and rest of the world but just 4 successful fellowship project awardees.

The Awards Ceremony was associated with the 17th EURETINA Congress in Barcelona-Spain on September 9th at Casa Llotja de Mar. The first place was introduced by Professor Quan Dong Nguyen MD MSc FAAO and Co-Chair of the GRAC and was awarded to Jorge Orellana-Rios MD, International Retina Fellow who is conducting his research at Vitreous-Retina-Macula Consultants of New York.

His project consists of retinal imaging and macular functional studies utilizing quantitative fundus autofluorescence for staging age-related macular degeneration. Dr. K. Bailey Freund is also a Principal Investigator within this research.